Hy just sending some pictures of T.J..   As you know we had this ugly storm on houston everyone is safe in my family my house got a little  damage  but little by little we are going to get up again   As you can see TJ is doing great  whenever I'm not with him me or my husband FaceTime him.   You can see in the picture that I send you he puts attention to the camera  when he listens to our Voice.  I am really surprised how he changed  a lot.  I was going back to my old pictures that I have from him and he was completely black now he is completely Red color.  I hope y'all are doing great.   And that also happy to see TJ on pictures.  Y'all stay safe God bless y'all. Hope to see a response back from you.  Thank you.

Name - T.J.    Mom - Mini    Dad - Zachary    Submitted by Jessenia S.


John & Nancy - just wanted to share what a joy Maddie & Morgan bring to our lives. They are so smart & cute as they can be. Thanks for what you do to bring these darlings into homes that need their love. Blessings, Deb & Harold, Maddie & Morgan

Name - Maddie & Morgan    Mom -     Dad -     Submitted by Deb & Harold


Maddie & Morgan the Red Miniature Dachshund in Their Happy Home!

Joey Walker Red Weber at the Beach in Florida

Name - Joey Walker Red    Mom -     Dad -     Submitted by Dudley D.


Joey Walker Red the Red Miniature Dachshund in His Happy Home!

Hello! Our precious girl Frankie is both happy and healthy! We took her home in October 2017 and she will turn one this month. She is spunky, sweet, and loves adventuring! We are so thankful for her and her bright personality!  Best wishes, Kaylee and Alex

Name - Frankie    Mom - Duchess    Dad - Elvis    Submitted by Kaylee and Alex K.


Everywhere we go people can't get over how cute he is and we have to agree.  He is the best little guy and has so much personality. We just love him so much.

Name - Willie    Mom - Barbarella    Dad - Zachary    Submitted by Jason S.


Good morning Nancy. Gypsy went yesterday to veterinary, she's a healthy puppy, everything is ok. Negative to worms. She is very good girl, sweet, and playful. Doing good in potty training, eating good, sleep most of the night. She loves her kennel it is her favorite place. Our family is happy with her we love her.

Name - Gypsy    Mom - Blue Ivy    Dad - Luke    Submitted by  


Gypsy the Blue Dapple Miniature Dachshund in Her Happy Home!

Hi Nancy, here is a pic of Willie Levi at 13 weeks, he is an Astros fan and has his cap on! Willie is adorable and we love him dearly! Just got his 3rd set of shots and his rabies vaccine last week. He was 2.5 lbs when we got him and is now 5.5 so he has really grown. Barbara H.

Name - Willie Levi    Mom -     Dad -     Submitted by Barbara H.


Willie Levi the Red Miniature Dachshund in His Happy Home!

Dolly selfie (pic 1).  Taking time but as I told you she will be loved and spoiled (pics 2 & 3).

Name - Dolly    Mom -     Dad -     Submitted by  


She has settled in well. We just love her! Our other dachshund, Ophelia has decided to 'adopt' Cleopatra and mothers her constantly. It's very sweet!

Name - Cleopatra    Mom - Blue Ivy    Dad - Luke    Submitted by Lily C.


Hello Hellen, it's Meranda R. and we just wanted to let you know Batman is doing well so far. Here are some pictures we took of him just now. Thank you again for everything.

Name - Batman    Mom -     Dad -     Submitted by Meranda R.


Rusty is trying to figure out why the computer is barking LOL. He looks like he's in deep thought. He is almost 5 months (pic 1).  Just wanted to send you an updated picture of rusty at 7 months. He is doing great!! (pic 2).  I had to send you this picture of rusty at the lake. He loves water!! (pic 3)

Name - Rusty    Mom - Barbarella    Dad - Zachary    Submitted by Amaid S.


This is Ollie!  I picked him up November 2016.  He is the most fun, loving, energetic, mischievious little thing!!  We love him to pieces!!  Thank you for making our home a little spunky!  He is well loved and spoiled!

Name - Ollie    Mom - Joanne    Dad - Rebel    Submitted by Vickie G.


Ollie the Red Miniature Dachshund in His Happy Home!

According to our writers, our puppies are !

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This is the “Happy Homes” section of our website featuring some of the letters and pictures we have received from our puppies and their owners at their new happy homes.  We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we do!  Thank you to everyone for sending them in!

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