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Rescue Dogs

What are Rescue Dogs?

Rescue Dogs are dogs that were unable to stay in the home they were originally placed in so they were given back to us.  This can be for various reasons such as the owner moving to a new location that will not allow pets, a new job that prevents proper care, a disability that won’t allow proper care, a new family member who is unable to live with pets and many more other reasons.

Do you take in strays or other breeds?

We are sorry to say we cannot accept strays.  We can only accept dogs that have been born on our premises and sold by us.

I can’t keep my dog.  What do I do?

Dogs who are eligible to be Rescue Dogs will need to be returned with their Signed Registration Papers showing who they are, Vet Records showing vaccinations, heartworm prevention and any medical treatments and a Brief Written History.  We ask that you provide a history of any likes/dislikes or personality traits that the dog has and the reason why you can no longer care for your pet.  This will make it easier for us to find the best possible match to provide a new Happy Home and an easier transition for your pet.

What happens to my pet once I give him/her back?

Our Rescue Dogs are given the proper care they require and kept until we can find them a new Happy Home.

I want one!  How can I get a Rescue Dog?

Our Rescue Dogs will be listed on our “Puppies” page of our website.  They will be listed at the top of the page and they will be designated with the Rescue Dog logo.  You may see dogs on other pages of our website with the Rescue Dog logo but they are not available.

I don’t see any Rescue Dogs on the “Puppies” page.  Where are they?

That is actually good news.  That means that all of our puppies are living in their Happy Homes and we do not have any Rescue Dogs available at this time.