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This the princess of our house Roxy who we got from y'all 4 years ago. She is the sweetest most loving lil girl and loves to be the center of her daddy's attention. Thank you Miss Hellen for giving us such a sweet and loving lil girl.

Name: Roxie      Mom:       Dad:       Submitted by Stephanie R.


Roxie the Red Dapple Miniature Dachshund in Her Happy Home!

Here is Benny at 12 weeks. I will send another picture at 6 months :)

Name: Benny      Mom:       Dad:       Submitted by  


Benny the  Miniature Dachshund in His Happy Home! Benny the  Miniature Dachshund in His Happy Home!

This is our little Pumpkin! She was born to Bad Boy & Cinnamon. We love her SOOO MUCH and she has been a great addition to our family. Thanks!

Name: Pumpkin      Mom: Cinnamon      Dad: Bad Boy Levi      Submitted by Jennifer L.


Pumpkin the Red Miniature Dachshund in Her Happy Home!

Awww we love our little guy Rocky. Dad is Bad Boy Levi and mom Cinnamon. We purchased him on Labor Day and he has been a sweetie pie since. He has brought so much joy to our house. Thank You!

Name: Rocky      Mom: Cinnamon      Dad: Bad Boy Levi      Submitted by Lisa V.R.


Rocky the Red Miniature Dachshund in His Happy Home!

This is our Bella who turned 2 in August. She is a feisty little mess and we love her dearly! Notice the mothers love heart birth mark on her chest! Precious!

Name: Bella      Mom: Snowflake      Dad: Billy Bob      Submitted by Lisa R.


Bella the Red Miniature Dachshund in Her Happy Home!

This is Archie. I wanted to let you know we have had Archie since April of 2013. We could not be happier with him. He is so sweet and entertaining. So I forwarded these pictures of him. Snuggled in his favorite blanket, meeting the grandchildren and taking a light nap in his space. You do have the best little weinie dogs in Texas!!

Name: Archie      Mom:       Dad:       Submitted by Mary C.


Archie the Red Miniature Dachshund in His Happy Home!

Hi there, just wanted to give you an update on our new addition, reba's dapple 1 who is now known as Bogey! What a sweet dog he is, we all have fallen in love with him! He is feisty but very playful. He loves people and is super friendly! We are afraid he will run off with the UPS guy one day! He has brought such joy to our household. All 5 of us argue with who will cuddle with Bogey. He definitely isn't lacking any love?.lol here are a few pics and video of our little guy. Thank you so much!!!! The Grimes Gang

Name: Bogey      Mom: Reba      Dad:       Submitted by  G.


Thank you for breeding this awesome dog! She's extremely smart, kind, ambitious and spoiled to the max. She loves her home and lavishes in any you you can think of!

Name: Harley      Mom:       Dad:       Submitted by Kaylee M.


First came WALTER(red) from MAISY and BAD BOY LEVI (thank you Nancy). He needed company. Then came EUGENE(dapple) from MINI and RAMBO (thank you Hellen). They became fast friends and are growing up happily. In the fall, they start training to become therapy dogs for Caring Critters. LOVE THESE LITTLE GUYS!!!

Name: Walter and Eugene      Mom: Mini      Dad: Rambo      Submitted by Brad H.


Walter and Eugene the Red and Red Piebald Miniature Dachshund in Their Happy Home!

We want to send you an updated photo of our Vienna. Since we picked her up she has added so much to our family. She loves playing with her big sister. Thank you.

Name: Vienna      Mom:       Dad:       Submitted by Maria and Mark B.


Vienna the Red Miniature Dachshund in Her Happy Home! Vienna the Red Miniature Dachshund in Her Happy Home!

This is our puppy we got from you guys. He is gettin so big and almost 1 year old. Thank y'all so much for allowing me to have him. He is my everything.

Name:       Mom:       Dad:       Submitted by Alex W.


 the Red Miniature Dachshund in His Happy Home!

Nancy and John-Here are the pictures of my mom's new puppy. We went through several names, but finally decided on a name for her, Cinnamon. Cinnamon is so much fun. My mom holds her an loves her all the time. I think getting the puppy was the best thing she could have done. This little pup really raises her spirits and gives her energy. While Cinnamon loves to play with all of her toys, she likes it best when she is held and cuddled. And, there is not a shortage of people who want to hold her and get a lick on the face. She has such a sweet temperament. She will go to anyone, but always wants her "mom" and trots back to her. They watch TV together, play Peek-a- Boo with a blanket, and play with toys. They even have a routine throughout the day! Cinnamon is doing well with paper training and she is eating so all is going well. Thanks for being so helpful and patient. I'll send you more pictures later.

Name: Cinnamon      Mom:       Dad:       Submitted by  


Cinnamon the Red Miniature Dachshund in Her Happy Home!

According to our customers, our puppies are !

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This is the “Happy Homes” section of our website featuring some of the letters and pictures we have received from our puppies and their owners at their new happy homes.  We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we do!  Thank you to everyone for sending them in!

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